Loved the whole experience

"I came to fill two prescriptions: one for “normal” glasses (!) and one for sunglasses.

Truth be told, I am French and have been looking for a boutique style “just like back home” optometrist for quite some time now, and when I saw L’Optique Boutique showing up in my neighborhood, I was excited to give it a try.

The owner is absolutely adorable, knowledgeable, and super patient :) 

She has a cool story about each frame and her glasses choice is amazing.

I had a really wonderful experience and highly recommend L’Optique Boutique for your future eyewear needs!"


Carol is an expert at configuring frames and lenses.

"Carol at L’Optique understood immediately what I was looking for in terms of style...something interesting, but not over-the-top. She picked out a great pair of work frames that complemented my face and also picked out very resilient out-and-about frames with little side magnets to hold snap-on sunshades."



L’Optique Boutique is truly a gem!

"This shop is beautiful and Carol is truly amazing. I went in to look at glasses and was apprehensive because I didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Carol helped me find a frame that was special and really made me pop.

Before coming to L’Optique Boutique, I was not a person who would go into a boutique optical shop for glasses. Meeting Carol was a game changer for sure! Carol is so warm and friendly. I could tell immediately that it was important for her to give her clients a customized experience. 

I would recommend this optical shop to everyone, whether they are looking for unique frames or something less high end. L’Optique Boutique is truly a gem!"


Beats any of the big shops, tenfold!

"The products here are gorgeous and the owner has this way of looking at you and figuring out what would look perfect on your face before even trying anything on. Sure enough, after trying on over a dozen frames, I went with her original recommendation.

This is her art and she is incredible at it! I would send anyone here. Such an easy, one-on-one experience that I could walk away from, knowing I just bought the latest products and felt great about my purchases. Beats any of the big shops, tenfold! She also carried some really funky jewelry worth peeking at!"


I LOVE L’Optique Boutique!

"I have the best glasses I’ve ever owned and Carol, the owner, was amazing! She looked at my face, pulled about 5-6 pairs of glasses and I loved all of them. They all looked great and I wanted to buy them all, but settled on a single pair to start with. I wear my glasses for driving but intend to buy another pair for computer work that I do. Thanks, Carol!!!"